Experience goa

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History of Goa

Cradled in the lap of the Arabian Sea, Goa with its sun-drenched beaches, the vibrant blue hues of the water, the jagged ridges and the lush greenery, is a haven for every vacationer. The churches, architecture and spice plantations of Goa are vestiges of the Portuguese cultural heritage that Goa was home to till the year 1961. Let your hair down in the calm and placidity or party till the last sunray of the dawn-the cosmos of Goa have everything for everyone. Agonda or Anjuna; Goa never fails to please. From the glitz and energy of the Baga Beach resto-bars to the rush of raising the stakes on the roulette table; from drowning in the lights & sounds of the infamous nightlife to the morning kiss of the waves on feet sunk in sand-there is nothing one would fail to relish! So come and experience Goa with The Acacia Hotel & Spa Goa like you never have before!

Places of Interest
Activities in Goa


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